Welcome to Dinkytown

Dinkytown FAQ

Where are some great places to eat?

Are you kidding? Dinkytown is full of fabulous restaurants. You’re guaranteed to find something you love. Visit our Restaurants page!

Where should I park?

We have lots of places to park. If you come to Dinkytown by car, check our Parking page to make sure your trip is seamless and your visit relaxed.

What do you have for shopping in Dinkytown?

Yes! Come check out all of our varied and distinct shops. Dig through our Shopping page to find what you’re looking for, and maybe more!

I’m a business owner in Dinkytown and want to join the DBA, what are my first steps?

That’s great! The Dinkytown Business Alliance has a lot to offer small businesses in the area. Check out our business page to get started with the application, and then be sure to contact us to discuss everything further. We’d love to have you!

I’m considering starting a business in Dinkytown, who should I talk to?

Great question. You can find more information on our business page to get started with the application.

Getting to Dinkytown