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This list is still expanding, if you are a business in Dinkytown and would like to be added please email info@dinkytownusa.org

CompanyAddressPhoneServices OfferedWeekday HoursWeekend HoursSunday HoursAdditional Details
Al’s Breakfast413 14th Avenue SE1-612-331-9991Takeout7am-1pm7am-1pm9am-1pm
Alpha Print1407 4th Street SE1-612-379-8535PickupClosed10am-4pmClosedOnly Open Friday | Order via Email
Bahn Appetit511 14th Ave SE1-612-367-4765Pickup & Takeout11am-2pm11am-2pm11am-2pmTemporary Hours
Camdi1325 4th St SE1-612-331-4194Takeout, Pickup & Delivery12pm-9pm12pm-9pmClosed
Crisp & Green411 14th Avenue SE
Takeout, Pickup & Delivery10:30am-8:00pm10:30am-8:00pm10:30am-8:00pmLimited Delivery
D.P. Dough1501 University Avenue SE1-612-353-4831Takeout & Delivery11am-1am11am-1am11am-1am
Dinkytown Wine and Spirits1412 5th St SE   1-612-379-0299Full Service9am-8pm9am-8pmClosed
Feng Cha1417 4th St SE1-612-208-0782Takeout, Pickup & Delivery12pm-9pm12pm-9pm12pm-9pm
Five Guys1413 4th St SE1-612-355-5500Takeout & Delivery11am-9pm11am-9pm11am-9pm
Frank & Andrea’s1235 4th St SE1-612-208-1973Takeout, Pickup & Delivery11am-1am11am-1am11am-12am
Lands End Pasty Company1316 4th St SE Suite 71-612-315-4175Pickup & Takeout11am-7pm11am-7pmClosed
Lepot 507 14th Ave SE1-612-562-0985Pickup12pm-8pm12pm-9pm12pm-8pm
McDonald’s407 15th Ave SE1-612-331-6590Pickup & Delivery5am-10pm5am-10pm5am-10pmDrive Thru Open
Mesa Pizza1323 3rd St SE1-612-436-3006Takeout & Delivery11am-11pm11am-2am11am-11pmOpen on Thursday Until 1am
Pagoda1417 4th St SE1-612-378-4710Takeout & Delivery11am-9pm11am-9pm11am-9pm
QDOBA Mexican Eats324 14th Ave SE1-612-379-3100Takeout, Pickup & Delivery10:30am-8pm10:30am-8pm10:30am-8pm
Raising Cane’s302 15th Ave. SE1-612-242-1337Takeout11am-9pm11am-9pm11am-9pm
Subway1404 SE 5th St1-612-331-6716Takeout, Pickup & Delivery10am-7pm10am-7pm10am-7pm
The Bookhouse in Dinkytown1316 4th St SE Ste. 2011-612-331-1430Pickup & DeliveryOnline & Email OnlyOnline & Email OnlyOnline & Email OnlyOrder online @https://www.bookhouseindinkytown.com
Tony’s Diner1327 4th St SE1-612-378-4730Takeout, Pickup & Delivery8am-2pm8am-2pm8am-2pm
Wally’s Falafel & Hummus423 14th Ave SE1-612-746-4776Pickup & Takeout3pm-9pm3pm-9pm3pm-9pm

This list is still expanding