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The Loring Bar & Restaurant — New life for a long time Dinkytown favorite

Jan 4

Loring Bar & Restaurant DinkytownThe Loring Bar & Restaurant (formerly the Loring Pasta Bar) was recently purchased by four long-time employees of the restaurant. Lynn Nyman, now chief manager, has been with the Loring since the beginning. And so has executive chef Pablo Jesus (PJ) Palchizaca who is also one of the four new owners. The Loring currently employs about 50 people between the kitchen, front of house, bar, maintenance, and catering staff. 

Loring Bar & Restaurant DinkytownInside, they have made very few changes, and guests can still enjoy the eclectic decor that the Loring is known for.  The menu has changed very slightly, but they’ve added a few more appetizers and are finding ways to be more family and student friendly. Their most popular menu item, the artichoke ramekin, is still a staple on the menu.

Loring Bar & Restaurant Dinkytown

Exectutive chef Pablo Jesus (PJ) Palchizaca puts the finishing touches on some artichoke ramekin, one of the Loring’s signature dishes

Loring Bar & Restaurant Dinkytown

The new team is working to diversify the entertainment aspect of the space, and are having fun coming up with new ways to use their 11,000 s.f. space after the dinner rush is over.  Guests can still find their popular salsa nights, in addition to new programming. They have recently introduced a hip-hop night on Mondays which has been well received and is attracting new people to the area. Some of the artists who played at the Loring back in the early years have come back to entertain the crowds during this 18+ night. Loring Bar & Restaurant Dinkytown Loring Bar & Restaurant Dinkytown

Wednesday evenings now feature a free 18+ stand-up comedy showcase. And one Thursday a month they host an edgy electronica style DJ night called “Deeper”. 

Loring Bar & Restaurant Dinkytown

The Red Room, where much of the late-night programming takes place



The Loring is still available for weddings and private events, and they have a catering collaboration with the new owners of the Varsity Theater. They are excited for the new energy and shows that will be coming to the Varsity Theater in the coming months.

Loring Bar & Restaurant Dinkytown Loring Bar & Restaurant DinkytownLynn says her favorite part about being in Dinkytown are the regulars she has come to know over the years and the surrounding businesses. She also says that the unique location of the Loring — it’s proximity to St. Paul, downtown Minneapolis, NE Minneapolis, are all very important to the identity. It is a great meeting place for people coming from all over the city.

Loring Bar & Restaurant Dinkytown

Jessica Wood (Marketing/Events), Pablo Jesus (PJ), (Executive Chef), and Kimberly Seymour (Events)

Lynn states that they are working hard on the new Loring identity without changing the qualities that make them an unique and magical place. They are having fun finding ways to emphasize the the fresh & new aspects of the business, while also preserving the things that have become favorites over the years.

For more information about the Loring Bar & Restaurant, check out this recent City Pages Article.

Photos by: Katie Thering Photography
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