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Welcome Emerge Pilates

Feb 28

Last fall, Emerge Pilates opened in Dinkytown. Below, owner Jennifer Hildebrant shares more about her business and the services she offers. Be sure to check out her classes, she offers a variety of options. We are excited to have her in Dinkytown!

Emerge Pilates Dinkytown

Where are you located? What services do you provide?
My studio is located inside University Baptist Church at 1219 University Avenue SE, Suite 309. I’ve been here since the fall of 2016 and I offer private, semiprivate and donation-based small group classes with a foundation in alignment-based, natural/restorative movement and Pilates.

Why did you choose Dinkytown?
I actually ended up in Dinkytown by accident (though I sometimes think there are no accidents in life); I signed a lease at another commercial space in south Minneapolis and had just begun renovations, but after a few short weeks, before i’d even opened, I ended up breaking that lease due to an unscrupulous landlord. I hauled all my stuff into storage for a month and went back to square one, scouring the classified ads, Craigslist, etc. for new studio space and almost gave up on finding a new home for my business, when I saw UBC’s ad on craigslist and thought, “Hmmm. Interesting—renting space in a church?!” After what I’d just gone through with my previous landlord, it seemed like it was the perfect place to be. I contacted Sheila Wolk (UBC office manager), who gave me a tour of this peaceful, beautiful, welcoming old building and shared the equally beautiful, social-justice/all-inclusive philosophies of the church, and shorty after, I signed the lease.Emerge Pilates Dinkytown

What’s your favorite part about being in Dinkytown?
There’s such a palpable energy in this neighborhood, and it has such a vibrant history. There are so many great things within walking distance—the Varsity Theater, restaurants, the U always has something going on, and even here at the church, it’s a buzz of activity with the Root Cellar music series and various social-justice/community-focused events sponsored by a diverse community here. I’m still in the exploration phase of my new neighborhood, and discover new things every time I come to work.

Fun fact about yourself:
I’m 49 years old, and have never had a speeding ticket (and I’m pretty sure that by admitting that publicly, I just jinxed myself.)Anything else you’d like to share on the Dinkytown blog?
My website is www.emerge-pilates.com (also on Facebook) and is where you can find more about my natural movement philosophy and the schedule for my donation-based classes.


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