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Finally, a Marketing Tool for the Bottom Line and the Good at Heart

Mar 7

One Twin Cities company aims to change the way our entire community donates,
and it all begins with local businesses. Here’s a little bit more information about one of the Dinkytown Business Alliance’s newest members!

Just around the corner in the North Loop neighborhood of Minneapolis sits DIVI, LLC, a small company with a big idea. The passionate team of seven is developing DIVI UP 3.0, a clever mobile app to level the playing field for small and large business owners alike.

For business owners, DIVI UP is a free marketing tool designed to help promote the business without parting with profit. Businesses simply list promotions on the app and consumers pay a small amount to unlock great savings. Each time a consumer unlocks a promotion DIVI donates 50% of the revenue to its charitable partners as selected by both the app users and the business owners. The other 50% is used to maintain the app, cover all credit card processing fees, and reinvest in the community through charitable events and cross promotional campaigns with business partners.

Unlike other deal platforms, DIVI UP is a triple win. Businesses enjoy free mobile marketing, consumers save money on daily purchases, and they both do good by selecting local causes to support.

This model is restoring trust with weary business owners that were tired of losing up to 50% of their profit with third party marketing sites. Cofounder and CEO, Mike Miller, says “All it takes is just one good idea to launch a passionate group of people into action. We wanted to create a model where everyone wins and we decided a mobile platform would be the best way to provide an opportunity for businesses of any size to participate, regardless of their budget. There is really nothing like it. We’re unique in that we’re not just jumping on the ‘local’ advertising trend, but really trying to apply it to the entire community by supporting the local economy here in the Twin Cities”.

Over 80 businesses are already enjoying the benefits of this new platform, including Lands End Pasty Co. in Dinkytown, Grand Ole’ Creamery in Saint Paul, Rock Bottom Brewery in Minneapolis, and Libertine in Uptown. But the app isn’t just for dining deals. Consumers can also save on classes at Studio Me Fitness or score a gift with purchase at Arc’teryx in Uptown.

“I love talking with business owners and learning more about their marketing challenges to truly build a genuine partnership. They are tired of other platforms taking so much, so I really try to emphasize the fact that our program is free. Their first reaction is doubt. They look for the fine print, but there is no fine print”, says Jake Travis, an Account Manager for DIVI.

Marcus Dorn, Owner of Darby’s Pub and Grill, says “The folks at DIVI have been great
supporters of my business, and I love the opportunity to reward customers with savings and know that my promotions support awesome local causes.”

Setting up a business profile and listing a deal takes about ten minutes. “Once a business
activates a promotion it is live and in front of new consumers almost immediately”, says Travis. “They get to select when their offer ends and when it expires; then consumers unlock the deal and go directly to the business to redeem it. We don’t require any adjustments to a business’ POS (point of sale) system.”

It’s really all about power in numbers. With growing amounts of consumers wanting to use their pocketbooks as a force for good, it’s a no-brainer to unlock a deal for $3 that saves them $35 (for example) knowing DIVI donates half of that money back to local nonprofits in our community. Now imagine if 100 people each unlock a $3 deal and suddenly $150 is generated for causes they care about.

Businesses can join this growing community of DIVI ‘do-gooders’ by visiting
http://admin.diviup.org and choose “Get started creating deals”. If you prefer to consult directly with a human being first, including how best to use your promotions for the greater good, Jake Travis always has his mobile (and a smile) on!

Jake Travis, Account Manager
m: (612) 710 7176
| e: jake@diviup.org

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