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DBA Board Elections: Results

Aug 21

Thank you to all who attended yesterday’s annual meeting & Board elections at Vescio’s! We appreciate your involvement in the Dinkytown community.

We welcome Matt Price of Underground Printing to the board. Sarah Schloemer of US Bank and Tim Harmsen of Dinkytown Rentals were re-elected for a second term. Board members entering their second year of office are President Mike Mulrooney of Blarney Pub & Grill, Vice President Randal Gast of Qdoba, and Treasurer Rob Dehoff of Varsity Bike & Transit.

We hope to continue to provide guidance and leadership to the Dinkytown, and we look forward to working on projects and events that benefit the entire Dinkytown community! Please reach out to us if you have concerns or ideas for the DBA.  Our coordinator, Katie Thering, can be reached at katie@dinkytownusa.org.

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