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2015 Transportation Projects

Aug 19

This Thursday, we will be celebrating the transportation improvements made in Dinkytown over the past year. Below is a quick recap of the projects we’ve been working on.

4th Street Bike Lane

DinkytownParking-11Previous to completing this project, the 4th Street Bike lane dropped off between 15th Avenue Southeast and 13th Avenue Southeast. Connecting the bike lane between these blocks allows bikers to bridge that gap more safely.

Parking on Dinkytown BridgesDinkytownParking-13

The displaced parking spots from the bike lane were more than made up for when metered parking was installed on the Dinkytown bridges. 37 metered on-street spots were added.

Improved Pedestrian Walk SignalsDinkytownParking-5

If you have visited Dinkytown by foot or bike recently you may have noticed the walk signal is activated while the light is still red. They now allow five more seconds for pedestrians to cross the street before the light turns green for cars.

Bike Fix-It StationDinkytownParking-7

People in need of a quick do-it-yourself bike repair or tire refill will appreciate the new bike fix-it station. It can be found on the northeast corner of the 4th Street/15th Avenue intersection (across from McDonald’s) overlooking the Dinkytown Greenway. The Fix-it station was sponsored by local Dinkytown business Varsity Bike & Transit and Dero.DinkytownParking-9

Additional Bike ParkingDinkytownParking-2

20 additional meter bike hitches were installed in Dinkytown this week. We recognize that even more bike parking is needed and will be working to have more installed over the next year thanks to a U of M Good Neighbor Fund grant.

We are proud of the improvements we’ve made over the past year! Join us on August 20 for our celebration. Details can be found here.

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